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Training your dog to sit on command is a perfect way for you to start your obedience training program. If you tried doing it earlier, but have failed, then perhaps there is something you are not doing the right way. So, let us now get to learn how to train a dog to sit. Some Rules to Remember: Keep the training sessions short. To begin with, five minutes would be enough, particularly when you are teaching a little puppy. You can start practicing anytime, and do not have to structure your lessons, but make sure to fit in the training into your daily routine. Make the training session fun, and not like a chore for your pet. Make sure your training session involves constant repetition, positive reinforcement, and praises. The Methods There are three methods that can be used to train puppies or dogs.

You can choose the one that you find most suitable for you and your pet and get started.

Method 1

This is more ideal for young puppies. Whenever you see your pup is just about to sit, say “sit” in a firm and clear tone. As soon as his rear end touches the floor, praise him and offer him a treat. Soon your pup will start associating your “sit” command with his act of sitting. Puppies generally make this connection quite fast. Very soon, you will see that whenever you say “sit” your puppy will understand what is expected of him.

Method 2

This training technique is apt for dogs and older puppies. Take a piece of dog treat and stand straight in front of your dog. Take the treat close to his nose so that he can sniff it. He naturally would want to eat it. Do not hold it too high or how to train a dog to sit.

he would just jump to grab it. Hold it close enough so that he can smell it, and yet it should be out of his reach. Now move your hands slowly in an arc towards your pet’s tail. Your dog will look upward vertically trying to follow your hand’s motion, and while doing so, he will have no option but to sit. As soon as you see your dog is about to sit, stop your hand motion, and firmly and loudly say the word “sit” – do not be rude. Once your dog sits, wait for few seconds, let him stay in that position, and then give him the treat. Pat and praise him. Repeat this exercise a couple of times every day and your dog will soon get familiar with the command.

Method 3

Stand close your pet, make sure both of you face the same way. Hold his leash straight up, right above his collar. Now while holding his leash also press down on your dog’s back gently, and say “sit”. As your dog reaches the sitting position, praise and reward him. Very soon, you will see you do not have to press down or hold the leash up. Your dog will understand that when you say “sit” you want him to do this certain action. He, in fact, will be happy to do it for you, since he knows he receives attention and praises form you each time he does it. These techniques will certainly help you train your dog to sit. Just make sure you stay calm, composed, and never use any physical force, even if initially your dog is not able to understand what you want him to do. He surely will learn over time, with your support, and with some practice.

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