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The First Pet Supplies to Purchase for Your New Friend

You would not have children and not invest in a playroom full of toys. So, since most people now consider their dogs a part of the family, they need to have their toys and gear as well. Shopping for pet supplies can be overwhelming when you are getting your first pet, so here are some basics to get you started.

Start With a Leash and Collar

Every dog needs these basic safety supplies. A retractable leash will keep you under control during your daily walks, but will still allow the pet plenty of room to roam and sniff. Collars come in a countless number of sizes and styles. If you frequently walk your pet at night, choose one with a reflective strip or design. If you need help training, there are collars to help prevent barking and to keep the pet in the yard. Always remember that every decorative collar should also have an ID tag attached, just in case they wander away.

The Comfort Items

Train them from the start to enjoy their own bed and they will be less apt to take over your bed and sofa. If you are adopting an older dog, consider an orthopedic cushion to provide the ultimate support and comfort. Other dog supplies that keep them comfortable include pet hygiene items like nail clippers and flea medications.

Food and Snacks

Remember to pick up a good quality food that is designed for their stage of life. It may seem like a marketing ploy, but food is designed with specific animals in mind. Puppy food contains extra protein to help their growing bodies and senior formulas are easier for older dogs to digest. Treats are important too. They are great as an incentive for training, but they are also a nice little reward that can help you to avoid the temptation to give them less healthy human snacks.

Remember Play Time

Every dog needs to have a little fun and toys that allow you to play with them will you both to bond with each other. Balls, tug ropes and Frisbees can be enjoyed by you both and will help to keep your pet fit and healthy. Chew toys are also necessary as they will save your furnishings and shoes from the sharp teeth of growing puppies. Even older dogs enjoy chewing occasionally and many of these products are designed to help keep their teeth clean and healthy.

When you are ready to begin shopping for pet supplies, always choose good quality items from a trusted supplier. These suppliers, like shock collar for dogs, are committed to finding products that are made from pet-safe materials that are guaranteed to be durable, reliable and worth the money every time.